Dekton Kitchen Countertops

Dekton Countertops are manufactured by Granite au Sommet. Cosentino is dedicated to development and forward-thinking. They recently launched a innovative new product that is made of different raw materials into a strong, durable and attractive new surface.

Dekton, an ultra-compact surface, the engineered surface utilises the technology of sinterized particles (TSP) to emulate the metamorphic change that natural stone goes through over the course of millennia. This creates a better material that can withstand the rigours of daily kitchen countertop use. 

All the benefits without the drawbacks of quartz.  Available in many colors, antibacterial, easy to clean Dekton countertops suits all kitchen styles. Composed of quartz, granite, ceramic and natural glass, Dekton has a sophisticated look, feel and weight of natural stone. Dekton is ideal for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications including: kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, reception tops and bar, flooring, wall coverings, furniture, outdoor kitchen and pool.

From reduced water absorption to high resistance to heat, stains and scratches, Dekton countertops offer a new option in terms of stone kitchen countertops to meet all needs and technical requirements.

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Ultra Compact

During fabrication, Dekton compacting process is carried out in a 25,000 kg press without any resin. The manufacturing process transforms the raw material into an Ultra Compact slab. This contributes greatly to Dekton's low porosity and heat resistance.


Dekton can be used for walkways, driveways, unsupported overhangs on kitchen islands.





STAIN RESISTANCE (Wine, Coffee, Paint, Bleach, Drain cleaners).

HEAT RESISTANCE (You can put Hot Pots on the countertops without worrying about burn marks) 

ABRASION RESISTANCE (Perfect for high traffic flooring areas)


Ultra Size

Dekton slabs are 126'' x 57'' or 320cm x 144cm. Dekton is available in different thickness from 0.8cm to 2cm. 





Dekton is the new product by Cosentino, worldwide leader in quartz surfaces (Silestone). 

Performance test of Dekton, perfect for Kitchen Countertops