How To Maximize The Space in my Kitchen

These days,  we constantly hear that the kitchen is the ‘heart and soul of your home,’ but if your kitchen looks more shabby than chic, Granite au Sommet have tips to help you make the most of your kitchen space.

1. Select the right colour scheme for your countertop and tile

Colours are important in any room and should reflect your personal tastes. However, when space is limited it is more important to carefully select your colour combination for your countertop and tile. Some key advices:

  • Don’t use too many colours and patterns – creating continuity helps provide the impression that the room is larger than it really is.
  • Light, bright spaces feel bigger than dark spaces. Light colours are great for small kitchens, and coordinating light coloured countertops, tiles and cabinets will maximize the space.
  • To add interest to a kitchen or bathroom that is decorated in shades of similar colours, consider using either countertops in an original quartz or tiles that are textured or install metro tiles in a variety of patterns for a more personalized ambiance.
  • Carefully use accent colours to add interest, for example in kitchen countertops.

2.  Let the light shine in your kitchen and bathroom

Wherever possible, increase the sources of natural light into your kitchen or bathroom via windows, skylights or removing a wall to open the space in your kitchen. Adding artificial lighting or use mirror when appropriate, will also help, this is an easy way of making a room appear larger.

3. Organized your kitchen and bathroom

Minimizing clutter and streamlining your kitchen or bathroom will help increase the feeling of space. Installing simple cabinets in a light colour will hide away stuff located on your kitchen or bathroom countertop. Other tips include:

  • Use spare wall space and installing wall-mounted granite or quartz shelf .
  • Increase floor space with a built-in rubbish hole in your countertop, or install a garbage and recycling bin under the kitchen sink.