Caesarstone - your kitchen quartz countertop

Caesarstone's quartz are perfects for your kitchen countertop. Granite au Sommet offers stylish colours from Caesarstone for your countertops. Easy to clean, quartz countertops adapt to all kitchen designs. Caesarstone has sophisticated aspect, the feel and weight of natural stones. Caesarstone offers many in vogue colours and thickness for your kitchen.  Caesarstone offers a lifetime warranty. Quartz is polished and do not require any sealer. Quartz surfaces are perfects from a wide range of interior applications, including: kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, reception and bar countertops, flooring, wall-paneling and custom-made furniture. However,  quartz cannot be used outside.

Caesarstone quartz is easy to clean, this high tech quartz is stain, shock, scratche resistant with a low level of liquid absorbtion. 

Quartz Countertops are available with different edge, finish and thickness. Slab dimensions are: length 3050mm/120''; height 1440mm/55''. 



Granite au Sommet, 840 Curé Boivin, Boisbriand, Québec, J7G 2A7
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