New solution to prevent stains on Marble and Quartzite

Azerocare By Antollini: Innovative New Technology for Marble and Quartzite


Marble and quartzite are beautiful to use as countertops in the kitchen, bathroom, and in outdoor cooking areas. They add an elegance and charm to any room and convey a feeling of warmth. Both are available in a variety of different colors and styles, with the natural pattern of veins throughout the stone adding uniqueness and design to any room. Marble and quartzite are also heat resistant, which makes them a good choice for the indoor or outdoor kitchen.

But there are drawbacks to using these soft, natural stones in the kitchen and bathroom – their porous softness makes them easy to damage, turning many people away from using these materials in their home. The surface is fragile and subject to stains and etching when exposed to some elements.

Now there’s an innovative and new technology that protects marble and quartzite, making them much more durable and able to withstand the wear and tear that happens to countertops. The Azerocare treatment lets homeowners use these beautiful and natural stones in kitchens and bathrooms without fear of damaging them or having to replace them in just a few years. 

Here’s what Azerocare does for marble and quartzite:

1. Stain Protection

Porous stone, such as marble and quartzite, can soak up food, drinks, and other liquids that can cause stains. This means that the beautiful marble counters in your kitchen are at risk from spills such as wine, coffee, and cooking oil and grease. With Azerocare technology, the surface becomes non-porous so it’s oil and water repellent. Food, liquids, and oils will easily wipe off, leaving no trace behind.

2. Protection From Etching

Just like some elements can cause staining in marble and quartzite, acidic foods and liquids can also be damaging to natural stone. Vinegar, lemon juice, and other acid foods can damage the surface by creating etching marks as the acid burns away at the stone. Azerocare treats the stone and protects it from etching. 

3. Protection From UV Rays

Natural stone looks great outdoors. If you’re using marble or quartzite in your outdoor kitchen, the natural stone can fade and be damaged by UV rays, causing the stone to lose it’s natural sheen. Treatment with Azerocare keeps these natural stones protected under the bright sun.

4. Maintains the beauty of natural stone

Azerocare treatments don’t change the way natural stone feels and looks. After treatment, Azerocare is undetectable on marble and quartzite without any visible difference.

5. Easy Care and Maintenance

In order to keep them looking their best, marble, quartzite, and other natural stones require special polishes and cleaners. Azerocare seals the surface with bacteriostatic properties that prevent bacteria from developing. After treatment, all that’s required for care and maintenance is mild soap and warm water.

Looking for more information about Azerocare by Antollini? Talk to the experts, such as Granite au Sommet, to learn all about Azerocare and how it’s revolutionizing the use of marble and quartzite, allowing these natural stones to be used safely throughout your home.